“Richard’s expertise, calmness, and handholding were invaluable. We credit him for our survival.”




Our clients inherited a diverse real estate portfolio—a mix of well-performing properties and several challenging assets. The later included an unsold condominium property, a contaminated industrial site, and a vacant industrial building. Some of the assets included personal guarantees attached to the financing. Adding to the complication was a working relationship with several partners. When the real estate market hit the downturn that began in 2008, our clients found themselves in a precarious position.




The Trinity team, led by Richard Leider began by attending client meetings, advocating for their interests and helping everyone steer through the suddenly treacherous waters. After assessing their portfolio, the Trinity team helped them to develop a plan for moving forward. The first order of business was to recapitalize several loans, giving them more time to find profitable solutions. Next, we guided them through the sale and buyouts of multiple properties, some well-performing, some not.


We also helped them navigate their interactions as a family. As our client stated, “When children inherit a family business…there can be a lapse of organization and direction, while new leadership emerges. A large percentage of family businesses don’t make it to the next generation for this reason.”




Three years and multiple transactions later, the family was left with a smaller, stronger, better-performing portfolio. Today, they’re free to focus more on their lives and less on their real estate concerns.


“Very bad things happened to a lot of people during the recession, but we came out relatively unscathed,” says our client, adding jokingly, “Well, except we came out feeling older. Much older.”


“Richard was a master at exactly what we needed,” she says. “His expertise, direction, calmness, and handholding were invaluable. I can’t imagine how we could have done this without him being there for us. We credit him for our survival.”




  • Goal setting
  • Portfolio evaluation
  • Investment strategy and implementation
  • Asset redevelopment
  • Acquisition and disposition services
  • Family education and mentoring
  • Institutional quarterly reporting