“Our family provided the enthusiasm and the vision. Trinity brought the strategy and discipline.”




Our client had a successful record of nurturing promising start-ups, creating a balanced equity portfolio, and acquiring properties. To help meet an ambitious wealth-enhancement goal for its next generation, the family wanted to enhance its portfolio with more real estate.


Knowing it needed the same high level of expertise that guided its other investments, the family met with several real estate consultants. But one thing always seemed to be missing: chemistry. None of the firms quite fit with the tight-knit family’s hands-on, person-to-person style. National firms were too big and impersonal; even some local firms were too “corporate.” And none offered all the services and expertise the family was looking for. That’s where we came in.  




Our client brought a clear vision of their real estate investing goals; we provided the structure and pathway for bringing it to life. We began by interviewing the family’s principal stakeholders to ensure consensus and gain an understanding of what level of risk they were comfortable with. Then we developed a comprehensive, long-term strategy based on their preferences. We also helped the family implement several best practices to improve oversight of their assets and support steady progress toward their objectives.  




Today, the family is moving toward its goals. To strengthen day-to-day portfolio management, we’ve helped them adopt a more systematic approach, including standing meetings with property managers, annual reports to family stakeholders, and sophisticated analytical tools for improving leasing and decision-making. We’re also providing mentoring, so that the family can more confidently make and manage real estate investments in the future.


“If I had to come up with one word describing how Trinity helped us, I’d say ‘execution,’” one family member says. “We provided the enthusiasm and the vision. Trinity brought the strategy and discipline.”




  • Investment strategy and implementation
  • Portfolio evaluation and development
  • Asset management services
  • Acquisition and disposition services
  • Family education and mentoring
  • Institutional quarterly reporting