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2020 newsletter

2020 newsletter



Trinity Real Estate accomplished a lot in 2019. We acquired seven commercial real estate properties of which five represent 1031 exchanges. We also attracted several new family office clients, added a new team member and made the decision to move to a new office location. All of the success that Trinity experienced in 2019 is a direct reflection of our working relationships with you, our supporters. We are grateful and we thank you.


The commercial real estate sector for 2020 is digesting the economic challenges from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We anticipate there will be challenging times ahead for the sector as well as opportunities. In the following section we discuss our thoughts and recommendations for the current environment. This advice is based on our team's collective experience of having successfully weathered multiple economic downturns in the commercial real estate sector.




 The impact of COVID-19 is indisputably unprecedented. Its widespread impact has affected how we live our daily lives and conduct our business in nearly every industry. We are in a very fluid environment and the long-term impacts of a downturn in the sector are hard to quantify. However, even with a slow-down, we firmly believe that commercial real estate continues to offer attractive relative returns in comparison to other asset classes.

The Trinity Real Estate leadership team has experienced multiple real estate cycles and we are well positioned to assist our clients during this downturn. Our experience has taught us that being proactive with hands-on-asset management and consistent communication with our clients, managers/tenants, and lender partners is more important than ever during this period. Here are some of the actions we are currently doing on behalf of our clients and some thoughts on what we might expect in the coming months. Read More




We are pleased to announce that in November of 2019 we hired a Services Coordinator to further lift the services we provide to our clients . And we changed office locations to improve our client experience! In light of our new office location, we are disappointed that our long term team member, Ann Heinlein could no longer make the commute from her home in Tacoma.


RACHEL VICKERS - Rachel joined the Trinity team in November 2019 as our Services Coordinator. Rachel is assisting our team with increasing service delivery through research, project management, graphics enhancement, and client communication. Prior to joining Trinity, Rachel received her bachelor’s in architecture from the University of Washington where she developed a passion for the built environment and strong skills in design. Read More


NEW OFFICE LOCATION - We are pleased to announce that as of February 20th we are located in our new Kirkland office. Trinity's new address is 3720 Carillon Point Kirkland, WA 98033. Please note that our phones numbers and email addresses remain the same. Our new location provides a larger space for our growing team and client base. Upon stabilization following the Coronavirus our office will be open to visitors. We look forward to hosting you soon.


ANNE HEINLEIN - In 2020, a valued and long-term team member, Anne Heinlein, determined the commute to our new office was not ideal for her. We are very grateful for all of the hard work Anne has given to Trinity and the level of service she has provided our clients over the past 4 years. We wish her the best on all her future endeavors!